Title: Policy Workshop Strengthening REACH Provisions Concerning (Imported) Articles

Policy Workshop: Strengthening REACH Provisions Concerning (Imported) Articles

9 October 2014 at Université Saint-Louis in Brussels

Agenda (click links to get the slides)

  1. Welcome and Introduction: Background of the project
    Dr. Johanna Wurbs (German Federal Environment Agency)

  2. SVHC in (imported) articles: Current state of play in the implementation of REACH
    Rémi Lefèvre (ECHA)

  3. Legal appraisal: WTO conformity of an extension of the REACH provisions concerning authorisation of SVHC present in imported articles

  4. Options to improve information and communication on articles containing SVHC

  5. Concluding remarks
    Dr. Christoph Schulte, Dr. Johanna Wurbs (both German Federal Environment Agency)

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